Bukit Jimbaran - Udayana University was chosen as a place of application of waste plastic utilization technology as road material. This activity was held on the cooperation of Unud with the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) and Kemenko Maritim. Asphalting was held on Saturday (29/07/2017) on the road in Rectorate Hall surrounding Unud Campus Bukit Jimbaran. The event was attended by Vice Rector IV of Udayana University, Head of Research and Development of Ministry of PUPR and Deputy of Human Resources, Science and Technology Maritime Kemenko Maritim.

Deputy of Marine Resources, Science and Maritime Culture of Kemenko Maritime, Safri Burhanuddin conveyed that this was one of the government's program in handling plastic waste problem up to 70 percent until 2025. One solution is to mix paste waste with asphalt road through Balitbang Ministry of PUPR. From the result of the research, it can be concluded that the asphalt strength of plastic waste has increased stability up to 40 percent with cheaper price because it uses raw material waste.

(Aplication of Aspalt Technology of Plastic Waste)

Head of Balitbang Ministry of PUPR Danis H Sumadilaga conveyed the application of asphalt plastic waste technology in Bali will be done for pavement road along 700 meters with the location in Unud Campus and Jalan Mahendradatta. Furthermore, Danis delivered for 1 KM of road with width of 7 meters required about 2.5 to 5 tons of plastic waste. Asphalt plastic is more sticky and has better stability, and stability of plastic asphalt is more stable than not using plastic raw materials. Danis also said that the test will be continued in Jakarta with heavy traffic frequency. With the application of this technology is expected to be used plastic waste and will be continued again to several other locations. This process will be continuously observed to complement the data that will guide the community. Balitbang PUPR Ministry will continue to encourage the use of this technology and campus is expected to help disseminate and make research materials.

Vice Rector IV of Udayana University, Prof. Drs. Made Suastra Ph.D as a resident of Unud expressed his appreciation to the PUPR Ministry that chosen Unud as a test site. This plastic asphalt road is also a laboratory for the university and is expected to play a role in educating various parties in the utilization of plastic waste. Further Prof. Suastra conveyed in this regard the principle of its benefits are more noticed in addition to the economic principle. Plastic waste has not got a solution in its management, so this technology is expected to be a solution. The task of Unud is to socialize to the community to utilize plastic waste in order to give bigger profit and not pollute the environment.(PR)

(Aspaltation in Campus Unud Road)