Kemenristek Dikti Evaluated the Performance of PTN in Bali

Bukit Jimbaran - Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education conducted an evaluation on the implementation of Performance Accountability at Universitas Negeri (PTN) and Kopertis on Friday (28/07/2017) at Udayana University. This activity was an implementation of Regulation of Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number 51 Year 2016 on Implementation of Performance Accountability System of Government Institution in Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. In accordance with the regulation, evaluation of performance accountability implementation at PTN, Institution and center were conducted by a team formed by the Secretary General of Kemenristekdikti.

Universitas Negeri on this occasion that are evaluated, Udayana University (Unud), Bali State Polytechnic (PNB) and Kopertis Region VIII. The event was attended by Vice Rectors of Planning, Cooperation, and Information of Udayana University and related officials / staff in the field of planning, reporting and performance accountability of Unud, PNB and Kopertis Region VIII. The evaluation team of Kemenristekdikti consisted of Head of Accounting and Reporting Section, Head of Accounting Sub-Division and Reporting along with staff from Bureau of Planning.

(​Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information of Udayana University, Prof. Drs. I Made Suastra, Ph.D  when giving speech)

Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information of Udayana University, Prof. Drs. I Made Suastra, Ph.D in his speech said that before the leadership of Unud had discussed the matter of this evaluation with the Minister along with the Director General. The results of the discussion are expected to be a follow-up and if there are some things that are considered not achieved in achieving performance. Unud also asked the Minister to look at several things that related to the achievement of physical performance. These things need to be scrutinized in the reporting system because it has an effect on the achievement of performance that is budgeting in future. Prof. Made Suastra hopes that in the discussion session, the results achieved in the first semester have clarity on the results, and through the evaluation, it is also expected that the achievement of the Ministry's performance achievement of 95% can be achieved. Future performance improvements are expected to transparent and accountable institutions so that Good Governance is achieved.

Furthermore, the Head of Evaluation Team delivered the evaluation result of Kemenristekdikti by Kemenpan has gone high grade. Related to the mandate of Permen, Kemenristekdikti must reach the value of A in 2019, is expected with effort and hard work all the existing elements, the target will be achieved. The Bureau of Planning has implemented an output-based performance evaluation, and this time the evaluation base looks at outcame performance to see how well each institution is performing. Objects that are evaluated not only from the budget and physically, but cover all areas. This evaluation is intended to provide advice in order to improve performance in Kemenristekdikti environment. The scope of the evaluation is to look at the implementation of SAKIP. The evaluation principle used is participatory but previously will be given exposure to the strengthening of performance accountability. Cooperation of the units is desirable to answer the questions given by the team that accompanied by data support. (PR)