(Photo by Head of LP3M Unud, Ir. I Nengah Sujaya, M.Agr.Sc., Ph.D with Team Kopertis Region XI Kalimantan during a visitation to Udayana University)

Bukit Jimbaran - Udayana University received a visit of Kopertis Region XI Kalimantan in the framework of comparative study of Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI), Tuesday (18/07/2017) in Bahasa Room 2nd Floor Rectorate Building Bukit Jimbaran Campus. The group consisted of the Executive Secretary and the SPMI Team Kopertis Region XI were accepted by Head of Development, Learning and Quality Assurance  (LP3M) Unud and the Quality Assurance Team.

(Head of LP3M Unud, Ir. I Nengah Sujaya, M.Agr.Sc., Ph.D gave welcome speech to Team Kopertis Region XI Kalimantan that located in Bahasa Room, Rectorate Building, Campus Jimbaran Unud)

Head of LP3M Unud, Ir. I Nengah Sujaya, M.Agr.Sc., Ph.D. in his speech said that currently some of Unud Quality Assurance Team is in Kupang in order to implement the Fostering College program. Further Nengah Sujaya explained briefly about the development of LP3M Unud which was previously named BPMU along with delivering of Udayana University profile. Nengah Sujaya also said that currently Udayana University has 34 study programs that accredited A and there are still about 10 accredited C or minimum accreditation programs because those are new Study Program. This year LP3M Unud proposed a joint fund for institutional development in an effort to improve the accreditation status of the study program. Funding is one of the supporting elements in improving the status of accreditation, and it is expected that the future of Unud will include Study Program in international accreditation. To achieve this, it have been many systems and policies that are implemented by the leadership in supporting the improvement of the quality of the university.

The Executive Secretary of Kopertis Region XI Kalimantan conveyed the comparative study was intended to dig up information in order to establish SPMI PTS in Kopertis Region XI. Year 2019 Kopertis Region XI targets to have A acreditation. In the next two years will be implemented preparation to achieve it, one of them is through a comparative study to the accredited  A University. In this visit is expected to Unud can provide tips on facing the accreditation process for Achieve the superior predicate. The Executive Secretary of Kopertis Region XI also expressed his appreciation to Unud who has shared information related to SPMI.  (PR)

(Arrival Team Kopertis Region XI Borneo held in the living room of Rector, Rectorate Building, Campus Unud Jimbaran)