The Realization of the University's Care Program, Unud built Al Azhar Islamic University and Universitas 45 Mataram

Mataram - As a form of foster grant program of Higher Education of Kemenristek Dikti in 2017, Udayana University held a Workshop with Theme "Strengthening SPMI-SPME Capacity Towards Higher Education and Excellence Study Program" at Auditorium of Al Azhar Islamic University, Mataram, Lombok (10 - 12 July 2017). This activity was an implementation of Unud's awareness as one of the universities with superior accreditation rankings that conducted together with the Directorate General of Belmawa Dikti in an effort to improve the capacity and qualities of study programs and universities through a structured and systematic foster program.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Drh. I Made Damriyasa, MS as Chief Executive of Udayana University conveyed objectively a thorough review of facts and phenomenon of the gap of Higher Education in Indonesia is still far from quality. Referring to the national condition, universities and study programs in Kopertis Region VIII covering Bali, NTT and NTB experienced considerable accreditation variations. The quality of a college or study program is determined by quality management which includes planning, implementation and supervision, and quality management is practically a key part of the quality assurance system.

Care programs are selected from universities that are committed to improving quality by establishing an Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI) and an External Quality Assurance System (SPME). For NTB, Al Azhar Islamic University and 45 Mataram University are committed to improve SPMI and SPME. The program of activities to be carried out was strengthening the quality assurance system and increasing the accreditation of the study program. Through this program expected achievements will increase the public satisfaction of services and graduates institutions. (PR)

(Strengthening SPMI-SPME Capacity to Higher Education and Excellence Study Program "at Auditorium Al Azhar Islamic University, Mataram, Lombok (10 - 12 Juli 2017))