Motivating the Lecture in Writing, Udayana University Press Held " Upgrading of Textbook Writing "

Denpasar - Udayana University Press held the Upgrade of Textbook Writing for Udayana University Lecturer Year 2017 on Tuesday (11/07/2017) at the 4th Floor Room of Faculty of Medicine Unud, Denpasar. The event was opened by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and attended by 3 lecturers faculty representatives in Udayana University. Upgrading Writing Textbook is a routine activity undertaken to provide skills for young lecturers in writing books and knowing the ins and outs of publishing.

Head of Udayana University Press, Drs. Made Jiwa Atmaja, SU conveyed this opportunity is the implementation of major changes in the world of books with the issuance of Book System Constitution. Book financing has set out in constitution, and research reports that should be published in book form. It is the duty of the university leadership to translate the mandate of the constitution. However, the existence of constraints is the difficulty of production costs that become a problem in publishing, sometimes still financed by the author himself. Through the constitution, it is expected that the government can facilitate and provide solutions to the cost of book production constraints. Furthermore Jiwa Atmaja conveyed through this activity can provide understanding and skills to participants and leaders to change the paradigm about the book. Udayana University Press is now able to get through difficulties in the publishing process and meet the requirements of book publishing.

(Prof. Dewa Ketut Harya Putra, Professor of Udayana University became the resource person in this event)

Prof. Dewa Ketut Harya Putra, Professor of Udayana University became the resource person in this event and delivered the material "Writing of Material Meaning Importance for Effort Improving Quality of Education In Higher Education". In his presentation, Prof. Harya Putra presented tips on improving the quality of teaching and learning process and textbook. The second speaker at the same time Chief Udayana University Press Drs. Jiwa Atmana , SU overt material about style in books and get to know.

Upgrading of Fine Book Writing is expected to motivate young lecturers to start learning to write books because they have different format and language with report writing. Lecturers are expected to begin converting research reports into book formats, university memories is not only determined by scientific works, will also be translated through the publication of the book. (PR)