Bukit Jimbaran (06/07/2017) - Udayana University received a visit from SMA Negeri 01 Simpang Pematang, Mesuji, Lampung. The delegation consisted of 81 students and companion teachers which are accepted by Head of Sub Division of Academic Facilities at National Room Rectorate Building of Bukit Jimbaran Campus.

Head of SMA Negeri 01 Simpang Pematang, Sudomo, M.Pd expressed his appreciation to Unud who has received this visit. Sudomo further introduced a glimpse of Mesuji District which is now conducive. Sudomo also stated that this visit is a follow up of self development program for students as well as seeking information about Udayana University. Previously there were some students from Mesuji who had studied at Unud, for that school will try to facilitate students to study at Udayana University.

(The head of Sub Section of Academic Facilities, Made Budiastrawan was with The Head of SMA N 01 Simpang Pematang, Sudomo, M.Pd)

Made Budiastrawan, Head of Sub Division of Academic Facilities gave an overview of the profile of Unud which it covers various faculties and study programs. Other important information provided is a description of the admissions process, the capacity, facilities and infrastructure owned by the university.

Information on the status of accreditation and favorite study programs are an important question posed by both students and counselors as a reference in choosing the appropriate study programs of study. Students and Teachers are informed that up to now almost 85% of the study program at Udayana University has accredited A and only 15% are still accredited B. Other information discussed about Bidik Misi scholarship for underprivileged students who have achievement, and other scholarships that can Obtained by students who attended lecturers at Udayana University (PR)

(Photo session together while visitation of SMA N 01 Simpang Pematang ke Universitas Udayana)