Socialization of Vision, Mission and Work Program of Rector Candidates Phase II

Denpasar (16/06/2017) - Rector Election Committee of Unud again held Socialization of Vision, Mission, and Work Program of Rector Candidate in Theater Room of Faculty of Medicine, Campus Sudirman Denpasar. This socialization was attended by University Leaders, Head of Institute, Head of Study and Postgraduate Program.

Chairman of the Rector Election Committee, Prof. I Gede Mahardika conveyed this socialization is the second socialization after previously held on June 13, 2017 which was attended by academic community of lecturers, staff and students and alumnus. This socialization is focused on University Leaders and Head of Study Program. Prof. Gede Mahardika reiterated that this socialization is not intended to socialize the candidates but it was on the vision, mission and work program. From this socialization is expected to measure how far the work program of Rector candidates in realizing the vision and mision of the university. Prof. Mahardika also conveyed the election process is still waiting for the schedule of the Minister because it has the voting rights in the process.

The presentation of vision, mission and work program at this time again guided by Dr. Ni Made Ras Amanda Gegel, S.Sos., M.Si as moderator. The event began with the reading of each candidate's curriculum vitae. It followed by the exposure of vision, mission and work program by Rector candidates. This time the exposure was initiated by the candidate of Rector Number 4 followed by Serial Number 2 and last Number 3.

(The Dean of Medicine Faculty asked in answer and question session)

In the Answer and Question session, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine asked the commitment of each candidate regarding the promotion process for specialists and remuneration issues. Representative from Udayana Hospital asked about each candidate's commitment in supporting Unud Hospital to the type C and related issues of Cooperation of Government Business Entity (KPBU). The Dean of the Faculty of Tourism inquired about tourism-related policies as the flagship program of the Unud and representatives of S3 Medicine inquired about the target achievement of each candidate as well as its guarantee. Medical Doctor Representatives also asked the number of incentives to lecturers who have had international publications and incentives for lecturers who have earned doctoral degrees. (PR)

(The participants of socialization vision mision and work program rector candidates phase ii which consisted of the leader of university, the head of institution, the head of program study, and post graduate)