The Socialization of LPDP Scholarship in Unud

Bukit Jimbaran (09/06/2017) - The Secretariat General of the Fund Management Institution (LPDP) of the Ministry of Finance held a "Scholarship Seminary" at Udayana University. The socialization was attended by Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of Udayana University, Director of LPDP, Group Head Cooperation Priority Division of Institution Banking Bank BJB, students and alumnus from Udayana University was held in Nation Room Rectorate Building Bukit Jimbaran Campus. This socialization took the theme "Post-Campus Career Planning and Being a Competitive Indonesia Resources".

(Participants of scholarship socialization consisted of students and alumni unud)

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Drh. I Made Damriyasa, MS in his speech opening the event conveyed, lately the government has started to focus on improving human resources because the source of a country's strength is in its human resources. With LPDP focusing on improving the quality of human resources through education, it is an excellent opportunity for students to get scholarships prepared by the government. One of the demands for obtaining an LPDP scholarship is proficiency in English. Udayana University has provided free facilities for English courses through UPT Education, Training and Services, but the demand is still lacking, so motivation is needed to improve the quality of self, hopefully the opportunity can be utilized as much as possible by the academic community of Udayana University. With A's accreditation status, Unud has already qualified as a university organizer of LPDP scholarship. In 2017 Unud received 44 lecturers from various universities in Indonesia to attend lectures with the Indonesian Lecturer Leading Scholarship Program (BUDI). In addition, Unud also received several LPDP scholarship recipients for general participants, who attended lectures at the S2 Master of Tourism and Master Study Program of Cultural Studies.

(Enthusiasm of scholarship socialization participants in question and answer session)

LPDP President Director Eko Prasetyo who attended as a keynote speech in his material explained various information about LPDP program. Eko Prasetyo conveyed one of the requirements of the level of progress of a State is the quality of human resources. LPDP's vision is to be the best regional fund manager to prepare future leaders and encourage innovation for a prosperous and democratic. Eko Prasetyo also explained the LPDP program, they are 3 (1) scholarships; (2) investment; And (3) research. LPDP not only provides scholarships but also has programs that can be accessed by alumni.(PR)

(Photo with student representatives and alumni with LPDP President Director Eko Prasetyo)