Unud Made a Cooperation with Guang Xi Normal University of the People’s Republic of China

Bukit Jimbaran (08/06/2017) - Udayana University Signed Memorandum of Understanding with Guang Xi Normal University of the People's Republic of China in Language Room Rectorate Building Campus Bukit Jimbaran. The event was attended by Vice Rectors for Planning, Cooperation and Information, Dean of Faculty of Cultural Knowledge, Dean of Tourism Faculty and Head of Department, CIP Director, Dean, Vice Dean College of Language & Litterature and Director of International Students of Education Center Guang Xi Normal University.

Prof. Drs. I Made Suastra, Ph.D, Vice Rector of Planning, Cooperation and Information Unud in his speech conveyed through this cooperation Unud want to carry out an activity with universities in China that has grown. Previously, Unud had worked together intensively with Xiangsihu College of Guangxi University, P.R. China, in the field of Indonesian language learning by accepting Chinese students studying at Unud. In the future, Unud wants to expand cooperation with universities in China, considering that on May 24, 2017 Unud has also signed two other cooperation with universities in China.

In terms of education, some universities in China often hold educational exhibitions in Indonesia, such as June 20, 2017, some universities from China will hold an educational exhibition in Jakarta. Unud was also invited by Qiannan Normal University for Nationalities (QNUN), China to attend the event. It is expected that this exhibition activities can introduce Unud to various institutions from China and hopefully in the future can establish further cooperation as outlined in the MOU. Prof. Made Suastra expressed his appreciation for this visit with the hope that this Memorandum of Understanding will be followed up with more detailed activities with related faculty at Udayana University.

(Photo: video presentation of profile from Guang Xi Normal University of the People's Republic of China)

Mr. Liu Lihao Dean, College of Language & Litterature Guang Xi Normal University expressed confidence that this cooperation will be well established and successful in the future. Mr. Liu Lihao also gave a brief introduction about the university profile. Guang Xi Normal University has 1600 foreign students and already has cooperation with 40 countries in which there are 200 universities and institutions. Guang Xi Normal University has also graduated about 10,000 foreign students and has a Confucian Institute devoted to Mandirin Language learning in 3 countries, one of them in Indonesia, based in Malang. Further Mr. Liu Lihao delivered the Guang Xi Normal University's Literature Faculty, founded in 1958, the same year as the establishment of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Indonesia.

In this cooperation, the program to be offered with Unud is the "3 + 1" program just as it has been cooperated with other countries. The program "3 + 1" is a program of sending students majoring in Mandarin and requires the holding of 1 particular language. Mr. Liu Lihao hopes that through this cooperation, students can learn Indonesian language and culture. So did the same hope, Unud sent his students to learn Mandarin and Chinese culture. On this occasion also conducted video profile playback and continued with discussion related programs that will be followed up by both parties. (PR)

(Photo together with Representative of Udayana University and Guang Xi Normal University of the People's Republic of China)