Research Bananas, Unud and ITB Launched

Bukit Jimbaran - Udayana University in collaboration with Bandung Institute of Technology conducted Launching Bali International Research Center for Banana (BIRCB) in National Room Rectorate Building Campus Bukit Jimbaran.The event was attended by Deputy Rector for Academic Affairs, Deputy Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information, Deans, Head of Institution in Unud, Secretary of LPPM ITB Field Division, Dean of ITB High School of Life Sciences and Technology and representatives of Head of Agriculture Agency of Bali Province And the Director of BIRCB together with the ranks.

The high level of banana consumption in Indonesia that has not been supported by good production techniques, and has not been able to compete with others banana into the background of the establishment of BIRCB. The birth of BIRCB is aimed at facilitating banana research and innovation in Indonesia and the world. This research center is an initiative of ITB and Unud in order to enhance and strengthen research and innovation collaboration. The location of Bali island in the central part of Indonesia makes it very strategic to connect researchers and communities involved in banana research from all over Indonesia.

In its organizational structure, BIRCB is led by a Director Prof. Ketut Wikantika who is a senior researcher, Professor in the field of Remote Sensing Environment, Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology, ITB. In accordance with its vision of "Making Bali International Research Center for Banana as one of the world's leading banana research and innovation centers, as a first step in July will be conducted survey and banana mapping in Bali particularly and Indonesia in general by taking samples utilizing geospatial technology.

Secretary of LPPM ITB Service Division, Dr. Dudi Wiyancoko represented Rector of ITB in his speech said that in principle ITB fully supports the establishment of BIRCB. This is a good initiative that will build strong collaboration in the field of banana-based research. Dudi hopes BIRCB can become an incubator of science and technology that can later be adopted to optimize the utilization and conservation of Indonesia's biodiversity in general.

Deputy Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Drh. I Made Damriyasa, MS, who launched BIRCB in his speech expressed his appreciation to ITB that has cooperated with Unud in realizing the establishment of BIRCB, supported by the Faculty of Agriculture is very potential in this field. Through BIRCB is expected to bring Unud to the international scene. Further Prof. Damriyasa conveyed the government keep trying to make all universities can go forward together. The entry of Unud and ITB in 50 universities which is promoted as an international university is the first step to support it. Prof. Damriyasa also hopes to get the support from the relevant Office to realize BIRCB's vision and programs.(PR)