Program Study of Pharmacist Unud Graduated 10 young pharmacists

Bukit Jimbaran (23/05/2017) - Pharmacist Profession Study Program Department of Pharmacy Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Unud held Arrangement Pledge and Inauguration of Pharmacist XIII Period May 2017 at Widya Sabha Auditorium Building Bukit Jimbaran Campus. The event was attended by Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Planning representing Dean of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Central Board of Pharmacist Association of Indonesia, Chairman of National Pharmacy Committee, Denpasar Health Department Representative, Regional Chairman of Indonesian Pharmacist Association Bali, Head of Profession Program of Apoteker Unud, Pharmacy FMIPA Unud and civitas academica of Study Program Pharmacist Profession FMIPA Unud. 10 The young pharmacist was sworn in and sworn in at the inauguration at this time.

The taking of oath and inauguration were done by the Council of Session which consisted of National Pharmaceutical Committee, Dean of FMIPA represented by Vice Dean of Planning and Academic, Central Board of Indonesian Pharmacist Association and Head of Pharmacist Profession Study Program. In taking this oath of promise a pharmacist must fulfill his obligations seriously and be unaffected by religious, national, tribal, political considerations or social position. Graduates with the highest GPA are achieved by I Gusti Ayu Agung Ratih Cardiani, S.Farm., Apt with GPA 3.89.

Representative of young pharmacist, I Gusti Ayu Agung Ratih Cardiani, S.Farm., Apt in her speech expressed her appreciation to the lecturers and employees of Profession Program of Pharmacist who has facilitated, guided and assisted during the process of education and implement the knowledge that has been obtained. Ratih said as a pharmacist is a great opportunity to prove the ideals that are still embedded and this is the beginning of a new entry into the real world which must seriously advance the nation in accordance with the oath that has been pronounced.

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Planning F.MIPA, Drs. I Made Satriya Wibawa, M.Si in his speech said this is the beginning for new pharmacist to plunge into the world of work after approximately 13 months following the education in Professional Pharmacist Prodi. Satriya Wibawa hopes the new pharmacist will be able to maintain the competence and credibility for alma mater and profession.  Appreciation is also conveyed to parents of students who have entrusted the FMIPA to educate their sons. (PR)