Seeking Experience in Diplomacy, 10 Students of Udayana University Follow Padjadjaran Model United Nations

Student Representative of International Relations Program Following the Padjadjaran Model United Nations

Denpasar - Friday (May 19), Ten Udayana University students follow the Model United Nations at Padjadjaran University. They consist of 9 students of International Relations and 1 student of Law Program. In this annual event, Udayana University students who have opportunity to participate in United Nations Model or UNSC simulation event in  Padjadjaran University are Muhammad Mohdar (becoming a South Africa delegate at UNSC Forum), Anak Agung Ayu Regina Mega Pratama (becoming a People's Republic of China delegate at UNSC Forum), Putu Indah Savitri (becoming a delegate in South Africa at UNSC Forum), Dewa Made Nanda wijaya (becoming a Russian Federation delegate at UNSC Forum), Abimanyu Kusumo Negoro (becoming a Mexico delegate at UNSC Forum), Fernando Christian Alchesar (becoming the delegate of Arab Republic of Egyp at DISEC Forum), Dede Mahotama (being an Indian delegate at the DISEC Forum), Christian Aprialdi Kora Iki (becoming a delegate of the People's Republic of China at the UNGA forum), Zaib Zakaria Mannakari (becoming a delegate of the Republic of Madagascar At UNGA Forum), and Gede Kharismawan (becoming a delegate of the Republic of Maldives at the UNGA forum).

This event held for six days (from, Monday 15th May 2017 to Friday, 20th May 2017) at Padjajaran University-Bandung. This Model United Nations activity is a model activity to improve student diplomacy talents. It takes the simulation format of the United Nations (UN) session which in turn discusses and determines the direction of world policy on a global case.

Dewa Made Nanda Wijaya (Left) and A.A Ayu Regina Mega Pratama (Four From Left) During Photo Session After Award Submission by the Committee

At the end of the activity session, there are two International Relations students who received the award from a series of simulation activities of this session. Both students are Dewa Made Nanda Wijaya who achieves the predicate Honorable Mantion and Regina Mega Pratama who achieves the title of Best Delegate.

When contacted via telephone, one of the representatives of International Relations Udayana University student, Nanda Wijaya, expressed his happiness because on this year Udayana University International Relations students can achieve two awards in this prestigious event. In addition, he also expects that Udayana University can always be one of the best teams. (manik)