Unud Made a Cooperation with PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia

Bukit Jimbaran - Thursday (18/05/2017) located in the Language Room of Rectorate Building of Bukit Jimbaran Campus was carried out the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between Udayana University and PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia in the field of Personal Accident Insurance. In this event presented Rector of Unud, Prof. Dr. Dr. Ketut Suastika, SP.PD-KEMD and accompanied by Vice Rector IV, Prof. Drs. I Made Suastra, Ph.D and Director of PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia, Wirahadi Suryana and his staff.

Previously Deputy Rector IV has been several times to do a talks related to the cooperation that will be implemented with PT. Zurich Insurance. Overview of the activities of PT Zurich has been presented and after the signing of the MoU, Unud will get more detailed information about the activities developed by PT. Zurich which related to technical cooperation of both parties to be cooperated. Through this cooperation is expected to help Unud handle future insurance issues.

Rector of Unud in his speech said that insurance is needed by all academic communities of Udayana University, but in implementation there are many obstacles that need to be solved. This is very important because the mobility of the students is very high, the accident factor is one of the things that need serious attention. With this MoU is expected to be a solution to overcome these problems in the future.

Director of PT Zurich Insurance in his speech conveyed that this was a pride to work with Unud. Zurich is expected to provide programs beneficial to lecturers and students. In addition Zurich will also work professionally and transparently in accordance with the principles of a company based in Switzerland. During this time Zurich has a lot of activities in personal accident insurance, especially in the field of education. Zurich is also ready to carry out socialization related to insurance and increase awareness of Udayana University citizens about the importance of personal accident insurance. (PR)