Target 'A' Study of Law Study Program of Unud Followed BAN-PT Field Assessment Proces

Denpasar (10/05/2017) - Assessor of BAN-PT conducted a field assessment to Study Program of Post Graduate (S2) Law of Knowledge in Faculty of Law Udayana University in order to reaccredit the Study Program. The event which was held in Hall III Faculty of Law was attended by Rector of Unud, Deputy Rector III, Dean of Faculty of Law, Vice Dean, Master of Law Program, Professor, Lecturer and Student in Law Study Program and also the alumnus. BAN-PT Assessor Team assigned to this field assessment activity was Prof. Dr. M Fauzan SH, M. Hum from Universitas Negeri General Soedirman and Dr. Dina Sunyowati, SH., M. Hum from Airlangga University.

Rector of Unud, Prof. Dr. Dr. Ketut Suastika in his speech said that accreditation is a routine thing done by the institution. Accreditation is a year-long study portrait that will be improved annually, and each Study Program has prepared this process as well as possible. The Rector also submitted forms that have been sent to BAN-PT can still be added with data of excellence that has not been recorded in the form at the time of field assessment. Furthermore, the Rector addressed the peaceful action that conducted by BEM PM Unud which run peacefully, it showed that the implementation of law knowledge has been well implemented through the delivery of right aspirations in accordance with the rules. At the end of his speech, the Rector expressed his appreciation to the Assessor Team and the Faculty of Law who have prepared this assessment activity well. The assessor team was also expected to provide input to the Management Program (S2) of Law and its staff, so that the development of study program will be better.

Prof. Dr. M Fauzan, SH., M.Hum as the Assessor of Assessor's representative gave the assessor a duty to follow up the forms that have been sent to BAN-PT. This activity is a forum for exchanging information about academic information that has been submitted in form. Further Prof. M Fauzan conveyed that accreditation is an important thing and it is a form of recognition for the study program, because the study program at least got two recognitions, the first recognition from the government through the accreditation process and the second public recognition in the form of public interest to enter the Study Program. If it does not get recognition like accreditation, it affects to the alumnus who have difficulty in obtaining employment because some stake holders require accreditation status. Accreditation status may also increase the interest of prospective students to choose and determine courses to continue their education.

The Head of the Program Study (S2) Law Knowledge hopes that through a well-prepared field assessment process can improve the accreditation status from B to A.(PR)