Students Provided a Strategy in Choosing a Program Study in a Visit To Unud

Bukit Jimbaran (28/04/2017) - Udayana University welcomed visits from high schools outside Bali. This time the visit was SMA Islam Al-Azhar 9 Yogyakarta, SMAN 1 Sumedang and MAN Pacitan. The total number of entourage totaling 312 people consisted of students and staff and teachers was accepted by the Head of Academic and Statistics Division, Nyoman Supangat, SH and The Head of Sub Section Academic Facilities, I Made Budiastrawan S.kom MM at Widya Sabha Auditorium Building.

The three representatives of the school delivered this visit in the framework of comparative study and early recognition of the students in grade XI both science and social studies majors on the education system at universities, especially at Udayana University, especially introducing students about the entrance procedures and education system in universities and campus life , Thus expected to spur the students more vigorous learning to be accepted in the college that is dreamed especially in Udayana University.

After the video screening of Unud's profile, Head of Academic and Statistics Section, Nyoman Supangat opened a discussion session to make this visit more interactive. Presentation of information about the procedure of admission of new students through SNMPTN and SBMPTN National and Mandiri lines is provided by Head of Sub-Department of Academic Facility I Made Budiastrawan S.kom MM. Students were also given information about Bidikmisi scholarships that are for students who have achievement but come from poor families. Budi advised that prospective students have a good strategy in choosing a course of study. Selection of study program must be adjusted with the lesson learned and one way to obtain information related to the study program often to open the desired college website. Students and Teachers look so enthusiastic about the discussion and question and answer session.(PR)