10 Program Study in Unud Ready to Follow International Accreditation in 2018

Bukit Jimbaran (28/04/2017) - Udayana University targets International Certified Studies Program such as AUN-QA and ABET in 2018. To realize this, Unud through Development, Learning and Quality Guarantee Institution (LP3M) organized "Workshop on SPM Development Toward Accreditation International (AUN-QA and ABET) "in the Nation Room of Rectorate Building. The event was attended by Deputy Rector for Student Affairs, Dean and Vice Dean I, Asdir I Pascasarjana, Head of Study Program and Head of Quality Assurance Unit of Faculty with Prof. Dr. Ir. Dr. Ir. Aulia Siti Aisjah, MT (Head of Quality Assurance Office of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology / ITS) and Dr. H. Saefudin, M.Si (Head of Quality Assurance Unit of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia / UPI).

Secretary of LP3M Unud, Ir. Ida Bagus Wayan Gunam, MP., Ph.D., in his report said that the workshop aims to support the internationalization of study programs that have earned the accreditation scores of A and support the acceleration of Unud to become an International Achieving University. There are about 11 study programs that will be encouraged to participate in international accreditation by 2018. Resource persons in this activity are intentionally imported from universities who have received international accreditation such as ITS and UPI to be able to provide information about the preparation that must be done to achieve international accreditation status. As it is known that AIPT Unud has achieved the accreditation of Excellence (A), and to improve the competitiveness of national and international level, ten courses in Udayana University will be developed to follow international certification such as AUN-QA (ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance) and ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology). The Secretary of LP3M also said that the leadership already has a policy to support the achievement of this target and has prepared funds for 10 Program Studies. Through this workshop is expected Program Study at Unud can follow in the footsteps of ITS and UPI that has been certified internationally.


Deputy Rector for Student Affairs Unud, Dr. I Nyoman Suyatna, SH.MH in his speech expressed the commitment of Unud after obtaining accreditation status A must be able to further develop themselves and maintain Value A, as well as Quality Assessment from universities should be improved again, it is also hoped that universities do business to develop themselves to be able to compete at international level. Through this workshop, it is expected that Unud's desire to have international accreditation status can be achieved. Nyoman Suyatna also appealed to the Dean, Head of Study Program and Head of Quality Assurance Unit of Faculty to use this activity to dig information in the effort of self development to international level.

On the same occasion, Prof. Dr. Ir. Aulia Siti Asijah, MT in his presentation conveyed material about the development of Quality Assurance System External (International). Aulia gave a glimpse of the quality assurance organization structure and AUN visitation activities that have been undertaken at ITS and the existing international accreditation organizations and their explanations. Dr. H. Saefudin, M.Si delivered material on the preparation of AUN-QA Certification. In his explanation Saefudin explained about the reasons for following AUN Assessment, among others, is to improve / equalize the quality of the University standard in ASEAN, the ease of credit learning process / credit transfer as a bridge to the international level. (PR)