SMAN 6 Kota Cirebon, SMAN 8 Kediri and SMA BPS & K1 Jakarta choosed unud to be their study tour

Bukit Jimbaran (19/04/2017) - Udayana University (Udayana University) welcomed high school students from outside Bali for the fourth time this April. This time, Unud visited at once by three high schools namely SMAN 6 Kota Cirebon, SMAN 8 Kediri and SMA BPS & K1 Jakarta. The number of participants this visit reached 750 students of class XI. This reflected Unud to be one of the favorite choices of students from outside Bali.

This visit was a series of activities SKAL (Natural Environmental Knowledge Study) for students of class XI in order to obtain information about Udayana University and motivation for students because there are some students of SMAN 8 Kediri who have continued their education in Unud thus conveyed by representatives of SMAN 8 Kediri, Ibu Siti Kalima. Head of SMAN 6 Kota Cirebon, Mrs. Etik, said this visit was a comparative study for students. There was an alumnus of SMAN 6 Kota Cirebon (year 2003 ) that studied at Unud and got an award from America so it became one of reason visit to Unud. Mrs. Etik also hopes that next year students will be accepted at Udayana University. Representative from SMA BPS & K1 Jakarta, Marianto conveyed this activity which is aimed to increase students' insight about the University in Bali in addition to interested in its natural beauty.

Head of Bureau of Academic, Cooperation and Public Relations, IGN Indra Kecapa who received this visit, because this activity became a promotional event campus to students outside the Bali island. It is hoped that after getting information about University's picture and profile, more and more students want to continue their education to Udayana University.(PR)