Udayana University followed the educational exhibition "Jabar Education Fair 2017"

Udayana University followed the educational exhibition "Jabar Education Fair 2017" on Tuesday (18/04/2017) until Thursday (20/04/2017), held at the Tennis Indoor Hall - Bikasoga Sport Center - Bandung. This educational exhibition organized by PT. Smart Ide of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndonesia in cooperation with the Education Department of West Java Province, with the aim to provide transparent information about the college profile of each institution that promotes Education Fair 2017 in West Java.

The visitor majority were from high school students of class XII, they are expected to exhibit this education into a storefront development of education and at the same time become a place of college information for students to continue their education to the next level. The exhibition is packed with attractive and creative, besides this activity is expected to become the icon of educational activities of West Java province in improving the quality of public resources superior competitiveness.

This educational exhibition was attended by 30 public and private universities from various provinces, training institutions and other educational development. The participation of Udayana University in West Java Education Fair is the first time, and expected participation of Udayana will actively participate in education fairs that can provide direct information about the University of Udayana, especially about the Faculty and Study Program, a system of registration of new students, the system of lectures, facility owned by Unud and prospects after completing education at the University of Udayana. The many interests of students in attendance at Udayana University Booth is expected to attract students from West Java to choose Unud on the college entrance examination in 2017.(PR)