Bukit Jimbaran - Coinciding with Rahina Purnama kedasa which falls on Anggara Umanis (04/11/2017) The Pujawali implemented in Maha Widya Saraswati temple and Pura Dalem Belembong of Udayana University Campus Bukit Jimbaran. As known that temple is in area of Udayana University Campus diempon by the academic community of Udayana University. Pujawali ceremony was attended by the Rector, Deputy-Rectors, Deans, Director of Post Graduate, Head of Bureaus and Udayana University academic community which are Hindu. This Pujawali Routine held every year, but this time it is a continuation of the ceremony Ngenteg Linggih Pura Dalem Belembong which already implemented in Purnama Kedasa 2016 ago. In this time also staged Pujawali sacred dance that was Rejang Dewa by FPMHD Unud and Topeng Sidakarya by Mangku Charles of FK Udayana University. The ceremony is conducted by Suka Duka's Dharma Kanti dipuput  (done) by Sulinggih of Griya Kamasan Klungkung. Previously been implemented mereresik (cleaning) activities / community service (07/04/2017) coupled with the activities of Community Service by LP2M Unud around the temple area and matur piuning to temples around campus Bukit like Uluwatu Temple, Pura Khayangan Tiga, Pura Goa Gong, Gunung Payung Temple and Batu Pageh Temple (04/10/2017).

In the Piodalan Widya Mahasaraswati Tmple, Rector of Udayana University, Prof. Ketut Suastika also had participated in ngayah megambel with the Dean of Faculty of Humanities Udayana University, Prof. Ni Luh Sutjiati Beratha accompanied by sekaa gong Unud Widya Swara. Solemn procession of the ceremony, all the prayers and mantras diuncar, as well as the sound of genta and the chants sacred solemn the pujawali further adds that ends with praying together. Udayana University academic community through this pujawali slipped a prayer to obtain kerahayuan, safety and Unud can realize its vision of becoming the "Excellence, Independent and cultured".(PR)