USDI UNUD Held the FGD Together with Experience Design Consultant

USDI Staffs were taking picture with Ketut Sulistyawati, Ph.D

Bukit Jimbaran, Information Resources Unit (USDI) Udayana University held the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the title of "Analysis and Design of Multi-Channel Access Systems Development in Udayana University" held in Special Meeting Room of USDI, on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 at 11:30 AM. The event was hosted by Mr. I Made Sukarsa, S.T, MT. as the moderator and the event was attended by the entire staffs of USDI as many as 30 people. 

Material presentation by Ketut Sulistyawati, Ph.D

The FGD event invited the speakers, who are: the Experience Design Consultant, Ketut Sulistyawati, Ph.D. (Mrs. Sulis). Before entering the core event, the event began with the chairman of USDI's speech, who is Prof. Dr. I Ketut Darma Putra, Kom., MT. 


The presentation about the website design of Unud by USDI

The FGD event continued with the presentation related to the material on how to design a system to be interesting and useful for the user, and then made a discussion and presentation of Udayana University website by Mr I Made Putra Suwija, ST, MT, and Mr. Adi Panca Saputra Iskandar, S.Kom , Furthermore, Mrs. Sulis gave the feedback on the website display Unud.

"I am grateful for the various entries that have been submitted by Mrs. Sulis, hopefully we can improve because we really need votes from the outside", said Prof. Darma Putra.

Submission of Memories from Unud to Mrs. Sulis

The event closed with the submission of a keepsake from the Udayana University, represented by Prof. Darma Putra to the speaker, Mrs. Sulis. (mimi)