Photo Session Participants of PILMAPRES 2017 with BKM chairman and the Vices Dean III of the Faculties at Udayana University
Denpasar - Saturday, March 18, 2017 Outstanding Student Election events held at Udayana University. This event was held in the Nusantara room, 4th floor, Agrokomplek building, Sudirman Campus. PILMAPRES this year carried a themed "Increased Productivity of Science, Technology and Innovation to Achieve Excellent Human Resources Character". This annual event aims to find the best students in the university. In addition, to raising the spirit in the pursuit of achievement for students at the university.
Participants of outstanding students election undergraduate program is 13 participants representing each faculty in the university. Then participants of outstanding students eelection diploma program amounting to two people from the Faculty of Tourism and the Faculty of Economics and Business. Previous selection is done at each faculty with different mechanisms. Then when it was elected, each faculty sends their candidate names to BKM Udayana University. Then do some phases, one of the phases is the assessment of English skills.
On Saturday, March 18, 2017 is the final stage of the assessment as well the announcement of winners. All participants presented papers whose themes correspond to their respective fields. Presentation given time during the 12 minutes, while question and answer session for approximately 18 minutes. Winner of the  PILMAPRES Udayana University 2017 undergraduate program was achieved by A.A Sagung Mirah Prabandiri of the Faculty of Medicine. Then the second winner won by Alia Yofira Karunia from the Faculty of Law and the third winner was won by Wayan Nuari from the Faculty of Economics and Business. While a champion of the diploma program was won by I Gusti Ayu Inda Astarini from the Faculty of Economics and Business and the second winnerwas won by Hera Davina Pasa from the Faculty of Tourism.
"I'm happy because it could give the pride to Faculty of Medicine. However, behind all this is precisely the struggle began from here to give the pride to Udayana University. So I have to work harder to prepare videos and writings. I hope I can present the best for Udayana University at the national level ", said A.A Sagung Mirah Prabandiri, winner of PILMAPRES 2017 the undergraduate program. (kezia)