The opening of the National Seminar of Electrical Festival 2017
Denpasar-Saturday (03.18), the Students’ Association of Electrical Engineering Udayana University successfully organized a National Seminar on Electro Festival 2017. At this time the National Seminar, the executive committee carries themed activities Research and Technology Development to Establish Indonesia Gold Generation. This activity lasts less more about six hours starting at 9 am until 3 pm. In the National Seminar held in the Graduate Hall of Denpasar, there are three sessions a series of major events.
The first and second session of the Seminar Nasionalini namely public lecture seminar session. Guest speaker in the first session, Dr. Goib Wiranto as a researcher at the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Center, LIPI. In keeping with the time of implementation, the first session was moderated by Ir. I Nyoman Setiawan., ST., MT. Meanwhile, the Speaker in the second session, Prof. Dr. Thomas Jamaluddin as the Head of National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN). The second session was moderated by I Nyoman Kumara Satya.,ST., MSc., PhD

Photo of First Session of the National Seminar
At the last session of the event (third session) is filled with creative technology ideas sesipresentasi students. In this session there are three students who presented his work Nyoman Henry Sandi Prayoga who gave a presentation Armband Anti-Crime (Arbantic) for the prevention of sexual crimes against women and children, Kelvin Judith Riccardo Marbun which carries the title of a presentation Smart Green House as a solution ancillary processing agriculture to improve agricultural yields, and Anak Agung Bagus Rama Windhu Putra who presented his work entitled ‘Early Prevention System Landslide’
n the event this time the National Seminar chaired by I Nyoman Aldy Munawan or commonly called Aldy, students of Electrical Engineering,2014.
Aldi said during the interview when this seminar aims to increase knowledge and insight on the latest technology development is done today. In order to sustain human life will datangdemi realization of an independent Indonesia golden generation technology.
At the end of the interview session aldy berharapagarbekal knowledge gained by participants can be a motivation in the future for more passion in doing research or scientific research that became one of the Tri Dharma College. (kezia)