Anies R. Baswedan Gave Trusted Formula for New Students of Udayana University

Anies Baswedan was delivering his material in the midst of new students

Student Day of Udayana University was held on Saturday (20/8) at the Widya Sabha Auditorium, Bukit Jimbaran. The event was attended by all new students except students who passed the SPMB or independent line.

The introduction of campus by student organization was filled with attractively packaged events for Student Day participants. The participants were presented with a speaker who inspires young people today. The presence of Anies R. Baswedan as if making all citizens of Udayana University who were in the room amazed. Guided by Clara Listya Dewi as moderator, he has led the current atmosphere on social issues. His inspirational story could invite all of the students’ attention.

He explained that now young people being in the 21th century so that it is required four competencies. In wading this century, it is needed the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" which consists of Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration. All of them are supported by two elements namely Literacy and Character. Literacy includes reading and literacy, while character covering performance and moral.

"Get character done, prepare basic literacy, master the four competencies, then you have the formula to win the future.”He said.

As someone who is very respectful of struggle and hard work of the heroes in the past, Anies Baswedan had the chance to discuss about a leadership topic inherited by outstanding figures in the past.

According to Anies, people tend to discuss how to be a good leader without knowing the meaning of leader himself. "Leadership is not about you, your charisma, or ability, having all of them does not mean anything without a follower. Because a leader exists when there is a follower, "he said.

Anies also confirmed a person deserve to be a leader only when he got trust. Discussing about belief, uniquely Anies Baswedan took a moment to share a formula called the formula of trust "T = C + I 1 + I 2 - SI", which means the trust consists of a competency, integrity, intimacy or closeness, but to be reduced by your own desire.

Because of that, Anis Baswedan mention national hero Ir.Soekarno and Moh. Hatta in the aspect of a trust value. Both of the great men are decent and worth to be leaders because they had had the trust of Indonesian people. Additionally, they are able to go deep into all aspects of trust in their lives when they fight for Indonesia.

At the end of his presentation, Anies Baswedan once again emphasizes how a student should follow the example of leadership figures in the past, so as to gain confidence that the price is very expensive. He also instilled a new spirit that students should think broadly, and be able to imagine extraordinary things far more unexpected to be the generation that dared to do for its own nation. (narabhumi)