Review of IKU 1 Achievements, Udayana University Holds 2023 Tracer Study Questionnaire Workshop

Udayana University Career and Alumni Development Unit (UPKA Unud) held a 2023 Tracer Study Questionnaire Workshop and Determination of Alumni Population for the 146-151 Graduation Period at the Agrocomplex Building, Sudirman Unud Campus, Denpasar, Tuesday (23/5/23). This workshop was opened by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs Prof. Ir. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana, MT., Ph.D., IPU.

Dr. Kadek Dwita Apriani, S.Sos., M.I.P as Chairperson of UPKA Unud in this case said, the purpose of this workshop was to review the achievements of Key Performance Indicators (IKU) 1 related to tracer studies from the previous year. The increase in KPI 1 in the previous year was 26.26%, of course in the following year the IKU 1 target can reach more than 40%, and all of this can only be achieved with the condition that there is a common perception, determination and desire to keep working hard and smart from all stake holders present. This workshop was also held to appreciate the work of colleagues who have helped achieve IKU 1 in the previous year and determine what strategic steps we will take to achieve the IKU 1 target above 40% in the following year, namely the 2023 tracer study of S0 graduates, S1, and Health Professions graduating in 2022.

Technically there are several improvements from the study tracer questionnaire which are indeed directives from the Directorate of Higher Education which of course must be adopted by universities. Each revision will certainly involve many parties, apart from the questionnaire fillers, as well as those who disseminate information from the tracer study questionnaire filling process. Evaluation is also continuing and the results of the tracer study are then used not only to achieve IKU 1, but also to improve study programs in the future. "Therefore, the Study Program Coordinator, UP3M, and LP3M were also involved in this matter because there is a connection with the tracer study process being used as evaluation material for curriculum improvement," said the Head of UPKA.

While Prof. Ir. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana said on this occasion that the tracer study is a component of IKU 1 between the Ministry and the Rector of Udayana University to find out how many graduates of Udayana University in 2022 have been traced. It is important to know the number of graduates who get jobs for less than 6 months, the number of graduates who are entrepreneurs, and the number of students who continue their studies for less than 12 months. Of course this is also a feedback to the study program as evaluation material. Apart from that, the fulfillment of the KPI of 60 percent can be fulfilled, if it is less than this number, it needs to be evaluated by the study program. The Student Affairs Bureau, in improving tracer study achievements, has also conducted Udayana Career Days, assisting graduates to get jobs, inviting partners to recruit and so on.

The implementation of tracer studies at Unud, based on existing experience, actually has quite a high response, namely an average of 80 percent from all faculties. "Even if the response is high, but if the probability of our graduates is less than 60 percent, this is a problem. This year, according to us, the probability is above 40 percent, but from the ministry the calculation is different," said Prof. Ngakan.