Growing Concern for the Environment, BEM of Udayana University Holds Udayana Clean Up Day 1

Kedonganan - Saturday (06/05/2023), Action for Caring and Environmental Preservation under the Department of Social and Environment BEM Udayana University held Udayana Clean Up Day 1 with the main theme "Start with a Small Actions to Become a Better Version". Udayana Clean Up Day 1 became the inaugural activity of the Clotter I Environmental Care and Preservation Action movement.

Putu Teddy Bagas Wijaya as Deputy Head of Department of the Ministry of Social and Environment said that the purpose of holding the Udayana Clean Up Day 1 activity was to foster a caring attitude for the community or Udayana University students for the cleanliness of the environment around them. Currently, the beautiful view of the beach does not cover the fact that there is a lot of trash strewn about that contaminates it. "Therefore, we intend to realize this activity in the hope that it will have an impact on our environment," he said.

This event also invited the Head of Cleanliness BP-KP2K, Vice Head of BEM, Functionaries of BEM Udayana University, and BEM or SENAT 13 faculties of Udayana University.

Vice Head of BEM Udayana University, Raihan Faisal Muzhaffar in his remarks said that Udayana Clean Up Day 1 which is located at Kedonganan Beach, Kuta is a good opportunity for all of us to increase our sense of care for the environment and each other, so that the next generation can enjoy it too.

Meanwhile Putu Liong, as the Head of the Cleanliness Division of the BP-KP2K for the Kedonganan Beach area also delivered his remarks. In his remarks, he thanked students as the younger generation who still care about the environment. Then the event continued with the delivery of donations in the form of two trash bins. The hope is that with the addition of trash cans around Kedonganan Beach, local people and visitors can dispose of trash in its place.

The event continued with clean up activities which were divided into two groups. The clean up point is around the fishing base. All volunteers, APEL volunteers, invited BEM Functionaries at Udayana University, and invited BEM or SENAT 13 faculties participated in cleaning the clean up area. After the clean-up is complete, all volunteers wash some of the clean-up plastic waste and then dry it in the sun to make ecobricks.