2,976 Students Visit Udayana University in February 2023

In February 2023, Udayana University held 11 visiting activities for students from various schools from outside the Province of Bali. There were 2,976 who made visits with the aim of getting to know Udayana University, as well as the study programs they have, along with the procedures for accepting new students in 2023, and scholarship offers and what non-academic programs students can participate in while studying at Udayana University.

The eleven schools that visited Udayana University in February 2023 were:

1. SMA N 1 Babat, Lamongan
2. SMA N 28, Tangerang
3. SMAN 4, Surabaya
4. SMA Muhammadiyah 1 Taman, Sidoarjo
5. Rapid High School, Bogor
6. SMA N 22, Tangerang
7. SMA N 1, Indramayu
8. Madrasa Aliyah Abadiyah, Pati
9. SMAN 9, Depok
10. SMAN 7, Depok City
11. SMAN 7, Bogor City