Visit the UPT Library of Udayana University, Director of the Central Library of the Indonesian International Islamic University Comparative Study of Library Management

Head of the Udayana University Library UPT (Unud), received a visit from the Library of the Indonesian International Islamic University (UIII), Thursday (02/03/2023). Present at the visit, the Director of the UIII Central Library, Dr. Phil. Syafiq Hasyim, MA with 5 staff.

On this occasion, the two parties exchanged information regarding the Management of Higher Education Libraries that meet national library standards by paying attention to national education standards.

The main thing discussed at this meeting was the 2022 Higher Education Accreditation Instrument which contains 9 components. These components are Collections, Facilities and Infrastructure, Services, Library Personnel, Implementation and Management of Libraries. There are also supporting components, namely, Innovation and Creativity, Level of Interest in Reading and Community Literacy Development Index.

In this meeting, the Head of UPT Library of Udayana University hoped that the two libraries could share tips on fulfilling the nine components to achieve good library accreditation values. One important component is how libraries can improve library service-based community service activities.