Udayana University BIPAS Students from 7 Countries Studied Balinese "Sate Lilit" culinary

Foreign students who are members of the Bali International Program on Asian Studies (BIPAS) at Udayana University from seven countries are studying Balinese culture, one of which is the culinary processing of "Sate Lilit" and salad. The foreign students who entered the Spring Semester 2023 BIPAS Program were attended by 58 students from 7 countries, namely Germany, Finland, France, Mexico, Moldova, the Netherlands and Sweden.

BIPAS Program Coordinator Anak Agung Sagung Shanti Sari Dewi, said that cooking traditional Balinese culinary ingredients is a mandatory workshop program for foreign students. "Initially this activity took place in February and there were speakers who explained about traditional Balinese food. From the traditional process to modern processing," said Sagung Shanti.

Foreign students are also invited to recognize the ingredients that are mixed to make sate lilit and rujak. Sagung Shanti said, this was the first time for students to make and taste sate lilit. Udayana University provides space for foreign students studying in Bali to get to know Balinese culture and exchange interactions with Unud students in particular.

After being given lessons in the classroom, all foreign students who also collaborated with local students joined together to cook satay lilit in the courtyard of the Bukit Jimbaran Campus. "They admit that they are very happy to take part in this event and also request to be able to hold events like this often. Being able to chat and have fun with these local students is memorable for them (foreign students)," he said.

Traditional Balinese culinary cooking activities which are attended by foreign students at BIPAS Unud are routine workshops held at the beginning of each semester. The Bali International Program on Asian Studies (BIPAS) is an international program at Udayana University under the auspices of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences. This program has been implemented since September 2009 which is a collaboration between Unud and Asia Exchange partners, where this collaboration has been established for about 15 years, namely since 2008.

This program takes place with a learning process that lasts for 16 weeks consisting of 1 week of orientation, 12 weeks of effective learning, 1 week of midterm holidays, 1 week of midterms and 1 week of final exams.

The learning materials provided are related to International Tourism Management, Comparative Regional Studies in Indonesia, Economy and Business of South East Asia, International Business Law, Indonesian Language, International Entrepreneurship, International Business, Global Marketing International Relations and Communication, Environmental Management and Sustainability, Cross -Cultural Communication and Managing Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies, Globalization and Social Change, Sociology and Culture in Modern Age.