Rector of Udayana University Receives Audience with Industry Matching Committee with Japanese Companies

The Rector of Udayana University (Unud) received an audience from the Organizing Committee for Industry Matching, namely a meeting between PTN and PTS students from Bali and Japanese companies which took place in the Rector's Living Room, Bukit Jimbaran, Thursday (9/2/2023). This activity was organized by the Japanese Consulate General in Denpasar in collaboration with the Bali region Japanese Alumni Association (PERSADA Bali), the Japan Club, and Udayana University.

On this occasion also present were Koichi Ohashi and Mayuko Adachi from the Japanese Consulate General in Denpasar, Yoriko Kamikawa and Takeshima Sayuri from the Japan Club, and I Nengah Sujaya, Ph.D., I Putu Sudiarta, Ph. D. and Dr. Ketut Widya Purnawati, S.S., M.Hum. from PERSADA Bali.

In the meeting apart from discussing preparations for organizing Industrial Matching which will be held at the Watermark Hotel on March 5 2023, the Rector also expressed his gratitude to the Japanese Consulate for helping to communicate the planned visit of the Rector's Forum in Bali to Japan to meet and discuss cooperation with several universities in Japan in March.