Directorate General of Higher Education and Technology Socializes Technical Registration for Higher Education Recipients of the 2023 Independent Student Exchange Program

The Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs of the Directorate General of Higher Education and Technology held a Technical Socialization for Registration of Higher Education Recipients of the 2023 Independent Student Exchange Program which took place online via the Zoom Meeting application, Wednesday (18/1/2023). The socialization was divided into three regions namely West Indonesia, Central Indonesia and East Indonesia.

In the framework of implementing the Freedom to Learn Campus Merdeka (MBKM) policy, the 2023 Independent Student Exchange program (PMM 3) has been reopened for all tertiary institutions in Indonesia. PMM 3 socialization was carried out to all academic and vocational tertiary institutions throughout Indonesia. The socialization can also be watched live streaming on the Independent Student Exchange (Official) YouTube, namely @pertukaranmahasiswamerdeka.

Plt. Director General of Higher Education, Prof. Nizam hopes that universities will participate in this program both as senders and recipients. Through the PMM 3 program, it will provide experience and learning to students that may not be obtained at their home university. With an independent campus, we build superior human resources for a glorious Indonesia.

Director General of Vocational Education Dr. Kiki Yuliati hopes that PMM which aims to develop diversity and diversity and close the gaps that exist between universities in Indonesia can be utilized as well as possible and as much as possible. By participating in this program, we will introduce Indonesia's great diversity so that students can simultaneously grow their sense of nationality, love for the motherland and a strong sense of brotherhood as Indonesians.

Head of the Independent Student Exchange Program and Teaching Campus Asri Aldila Putri, S.Sos., M.Si said that PMM is a student mobility program for one semester to gain learning experience at receiving universities in Indonesia. As well as being a meeting room between students which aims to strengthen unity in diversity. This is the third year since this program was launched where there are several new policies, namely the opening of opportunities for tertiary institutions providing vocational education to join as participants. In PMM 3 there is a simplification of the number of Nusantara Module activities to 16 activities for one semester. For PMM 3, opportunities are given to 15 thousand students and a minimum of 50 students for recipient universities.

The material presented in the socialization by the PMM Team was related to finance by Operational Manager Dewi Dhini, Recipient College Registration by Program Manager Rajib K Amuzzi, Technical registration on the website by Haris Sri Wibowo.