Psychiatry Specialist Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University Visited by LAM-PTKes Assessors

Denpasar - The Assessor Team for the Independent Accreditation Institute for Health Higher Education (LAM-PTKes) visited the Psychiatry Specialist Study Program, Faculty of Medicine Udayana University (FK Unud) in the framework of a field assessment of study program accreditation. The opening of the assessment took place in the meeting room of dr. A A. Made Djelantik FK Unud Sudirman Campus Denpasar, Monday (9/1/2023). The assessors who attended were Prof. Dr. dr. Elmeida Effendy, M.KED.,Sp.KJ(K) and dr. Agustina Konginan, Sp.KJ(K).

Dean of FK Unud Dr. Komang Januartha Putra Pinatih in his remarks said that field assessment is a series of accreditation processes which are mandated by law and are important to ensure that the quality assurance system in an educational institution is running well. Our goal is to produce graduates who have the competencies required. To be able to produce competent graduates, of course we must guarantee the quality of education, therefore all educational institutions and study programs must follow accreditation.

The data has been collected at LAM-PTKes and an adequacy assessment has been carried out, then the assessor is present to ensure that what is reported is in accordance with the reality on the ground. He hopes that everything reported is in accordance with the reality in the field. Input from assessors is also expected so that in the future the study programs and faculties can make better development efforts. All supporting components have been presented in the implementation of the assessment and the support provided is expected to provide maximum results for the Study Program. The Dean expressed his appreciation for the support from university leaders and all related parties who have supported efforts to improve the quality of education in study programs and faculties.

While the Rector of Unud, Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara said that Udayana University is now 61 years old and consists of 13 faculties with superior institutional accreditation. Of the 120 existing Study Programs, accreditation ratings are Excellent, A and very good have reached 65 percent which have been predicted to take part in international accreditation. Until now there have been 9 study programs with international accreditation, 14 study programs have been submitted to FIBAA and this year it is hoped that 12 study programs will take part in ACIIN including those from the Faculty of Medicine so that there are at least 35 study programs that are internationally accredited. The current status of Unud is BLU and it has moved towards PTNBH and at the end of last year it was presented, it is hoped that this year the PTNBH SK can be obtained.

The Rector further said that out of the 120 existing study programs, 34 study programs are in the Faculty of Medicine. There are 27 Study Programs that have won excellent accreditation and 16 of them are from the Faculty of Medicine. We hope that the Psychiatry Specialist Study Program will also achieve Excellent accreditation. Several Study Programs will also be developed at the Faculty of Medicine to meet the needs of the community and the only one whose operational permit has just been issued is Thorax Surgery. It is also hoped that the Sp 2 Study Program will be born to complement the Study Programs at the Faculty of Medicine. The future challenge that must be faced by the Faculty of Medicine is to adapt itself to government regulations or policies in the health sector and most importantly the transformation of the Ministry of Health's medical services to the community that we must support. Then adjust to the situation at the global level. We will move together for future institutional development by utilizing all existing potential. Through this opportunity, the Rector also hopes that the assessors can provide input for the future development of the Study Program and that the accreditation process will run according to mutual expectations.

Representative Assessor Prof. Elmeida Effendy said that her party was present to represent the LAM-PTKes to conduct a field assessment. His job is to ensure the quality of the Study Program. It will take a photo shoot and make an assessment of the portrait. All supporting data has been sent and his party will conduct interviews to confirm and confirm the evidence that already exists.