Faculty of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Udayana University Holds the Peak of the 11th BKFKP Celebration

The Faculty of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of Udayana University (FKP Unud) held the 11th Peak Celebration of the Family Board of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (BKFKP) at the Library Building, 3rd Floor, Unud Jimbaran Campus, Monday (10/10/2022). The theme raised in the 11th Anniversary of BKFKP is "Segara Kertih" which means Strongly Protecting the Sea and Earth.

On this occasion were present the Vice Rector for Student Affairs, the Deans and Postgraduate Directors at Udayana University, the Vice Deans of FKP, Senate and FKP Senate Secretary, Study Program Coordinators in the FKP environment, the Dean of FKP for the period 2011-2021, BEM and DPM in the FKP environment. FKP, lecturers, staff, and students in the FKP Unud environment.

Committee Chair Ni Luh Gede Rai Ayu Saraswati, S.Pi., M.EnvSc in her report said that currently FKP Unud has entered its 11th year. In accordance with the theme of the 11th BKFKP, namely "Segara Kertih" Protecting the Sea and Earth Toughly, for 11 years FKP Unud has been present to serve firmly in the community to provide academic services and community service, especially in the field of Marine and Fisheries. "I as the chairman of the committee hope that FKP Unud will always be strong in innovating in the field of Science and Technology to solve existing problems in order to be able to improve welfare in the community," he said.

The 11th BKFKP series has been held for 2 days, where on the first day, October 9, 2022, a family event was held which aims to increase the solidarity of the FKP Unud academic community. While the second day, October 10, 2022, a ceremonial procession was held with the hope that FKP Unud would be more advanced and successful in the future.

Dean of the Faculty of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Unud Prof. Dr. Ir. I Wayan Nuarsa, M.Si. on this occasion said that the 11th BKFKP was celebrated very simply. However, the enthusiasm of the FKP Unud academic community remains very high in celebrating the 11th BKFKP.

Meanwhile, the Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Prof. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana in his speech said that although FKP Unud is still quite young at 11 years old, its performance is already quite good, which is above 50%. Of course, these achievements must be improved so that this birthday is a moment of self-evaluation.