Udayana University Holds MBKM Community Project Mitigation Workshop

Udayana University (Unud) through the Student Affairs Bureau (BKM) held a Humanitarian Project Mitigation Workshop to Improve Independent Learning Communities at the Independent Campus (MBKM) in 2022 at the Wiswakarma Hall, Engineering Faculty Building, Sudirman Campus, Denpasar, Thursday (06/10/2022). The workshop was opened by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs and was also attended by the Head of BKM and the Deans of the Faculty as well as students and field supervisors.

Vice Rector Prof. Ir. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana, MT.,Ph.D.,IPU in his speech said that this MBKM Program is one of the programs from the Ministry which contains various MBKM, where there is entrepreneurship, independent student exchange (PMM), there are projects to villages, internships (MSIB) and so on. There is even a people's market program that has been implemented and this semester there is none. This people's market turned out to have a very good impact on traders in the market by showing how to use digitalization taught in the market. Then related to this activity, we as universities are at the forefront to produce superior human resources. How in the golden era later, namely in 2045, these students will become our leaders later. Therefore, emerge how students can become 'agents of change', driving agents and creators of something new so as to advance our country.

That is the role of students so that in 2045, he believes that these younger students will become our leaders who will take this country where it will be. Regarding this workshop, it is an MBKM activity that must be carried out, in addition to fulfilling the MBKM IKU but also being a provision for students on how to navigate the future, add portfolios and CVs and gain knowledge on how to mitigate disasters, carry out projects in villages where this humanitarian project is very important.

Talking about disaster mitigation is not only talking about how to anticipate the disaster but also how to prepare our community or society to face when a disaster occurs. What is the role of students who have been only voluntary and temporary, where now with the MBKM program this can be done for 6 months to go to the village in providing understanding to the community how to prepare them to cope in the event of a disaster. Hopefully the role of students can help people in need, especially in the field of disaster mitigation. The Vice Rector hopes that the Deans and Study Programs Coordinator will be able to facilitate the conversion of 20 credits for students participating in this program, because this can support our IKU achievements in higher education. Dean and Study Programs Coordinator in order to be able to support students participating in this MBKM program.

The workshop presented several speakers, namely Dr. Ir. I Ketut Sardiana, M.Si with the material on the Disaster Mitigation MBKM Program, Dr. I Made Sarjana, SP., M.Sc with material in Rural Sociology and Community Empowerment, Dr. Ni Luh Ramaswati Purnawan, SS., M.Comn with the material on Effective Communication, Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Sutarja, ST., MS., IPM., ASEAN.Eng with materials on Disaster Mitigation and Abd. Rahman As-syakur, Sp., M.Si., Ph.D with material on Disaster Mapping and as moderator Ir. Ariany Frederika, MT.