Commitment to Create a Green Campus, Udayana University Joins the UI Green Metric Ranking

Udayana University (Unud) held a UI Green Metric Workshop for the Central Indonesia Region 2022 on Thursday (25/8/2022) which took place in a hybrid manner from the Meeting Room of dr. A.A Made Djelantik FK Unud Sudirman Campus Denpasar. With the theme "Moving Together Toward a Sustainable and Legal Entity State University", Unud is committed to creating a green campus.

This workshop presented speakers from UI Green Metric, Representatives of the Governor of Bali as well as speakers who were present who presented about sustainable Green Campus from various universities, especially in Central Indonesia, namely: Unud, Sumbawa University of Technology (on Energy Management and Climate Change), Ganesha Education University ( on sustainable waste management), Halu Oleo University (on sustainable water management), Alauddin State Islamic University, Makassar (on sustainable transportation management) and Manado State University (on sustainable Education Management).

Chair Person UI Green Metric World University Rankings Prof. Riri Fitri Sari, M.Sc., MM said that through this activity we gathered to talk about a green campus and how the role of universities towards a world class university and PTNBH in increasing their role in overcoming existing global challenges. There are three things that we must balance, namely Social, Economy and Environment so that we can all eco-friendly all the work we do. This meeting is to recognize the work that has been done so that our students can safely and healthy return to their activities on campus after the pandemic.

While the Rector of Unud Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M.Eng., IPU. said, the idea of ​​ranking the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings is based on a framework of three sustainable components, namely, Environment, Economy & Equity. This program is an assessment of the ongoing efforts made by the world of education towards sustainable development and research, campus greening and its social impact.

The UI GreenMetric idea is also very relevant to the direction of Unud's policies contained in the Strategic Plan. Especially for the Udayana SDGs 2030 policy which is a pro-SDGs Udayana policy declaration, which will structure the entire performance of Unud equipped with support for institutional strengthening, curriculum and learning, research, and community service accompanied by the support of 17 SDGs components.

Unud's participation in the UIGreenMetric ranking in addition to being part of the assessment and International Recognition, especially as a campus that pays attention to the environment and sustainability goals in providing quality education, also informs the public, government, educational institutions and environmental institutions about policies, businesses and programs of sustainability activities. sustainability efforts) at Unud.

"With the UI Green Metric, it will be ranked with indicators that have been standardized in UI Green Metric modeling. After the indicators are assessed, they are then scored. From the scooring they are then ranked, which is based on green campuses, where development and research are environmentally sound. between buildings and land owned, the ratio between green open space and buildings, how to manage and absorb water, including renewable energy, waste," said the Rector.

The Rector also appreciated the performance of the UIGM Unud Team and the Workshop Committee so that this event could be carried out properly. It is hoped that this workshop will be able to inspire, share experiences in implementing sustainability in their respective universities, to find references related to the concept of a green environment. He also hopes that this program will be supported by a change in mindset and concrete actions from the campus community. So that the realization of social change from Campus to Global related to the environment and sustainability goals (according to SDGs), a beautiful, cool, safe, comfortable and sustainable campus for future generations.