Udayana University Receives a Comparative Study Visit from the Manado State University SPI Team

Jimbaran - Udayana University (Unud) through the Internal Supervisory Unit (SPI) received a visit for a comparative study from the Manado State University SPI Team (UNIMA) at the Nusa Room, Jimbaran Campus Rectorate Building, Thursday (28/07/2022). This visit was received by the Head of SPI Unud and the Team, the Head of the General Bureau and the Head of BPKU, as well as the Cooperation and Public Relations Coordinator, and the Finance Coordinator.

The visit of the UNIMA SPI Team to Unud is in connection with the stipulation of Manado State University as a BLU PTN so that UNIMA SPI intends to develop the team's ability to carry out tasks, by conducting comparative studies on technical control and supervision of HR, Financial Management, BMN at BLU universities, namely Udayana University.

Head of SPI UNIMA Prof. Dr. Herry Sumual, M.Si on the occasion expressed his appreciation for the acceptance from Unud, where the purpose and objective of this comparative study was because it was only last June that UNIMA received the BLU Decree and during the transition period the team was assigned to explore information in the field of supervision in universities, especially related to finance, human resources and assets. In SPI UNIMA has not officially included auditors in the SPI Team, where the dominant team has an accounting and legal economic background with a team of 12 people. During this transition period, he was assigned to conduct comparative studies at two universities in Bali that already had BLU, namely Unud and Undiksha. With Unud itself there is already a collaboration with UNIMA, and this visit is also a follow-up to the collaboration in the framework of developing a new UNIMA with BLU and stepping into a BLU PTN.

Head of SPI Unud, Dr. Drs. Dewa Gede Wirama, MSBA., Ak on that occasion said that our duties as SPI are more or less the same, namely non-academic internal audit and budget review, for academic audits, it is at LP3M. In addition, SPI is currently also tasked with monitoring the follow-up to the findings of external auditors such as BPK and this year also handles risk management. Unud itself is currently planning to go to PTN BH in order to improve the quality of education services because it is more flexible to do. BLU Unud has been strongly supported by the BLU Supervisory Board, one of which is the Inspector General of the Ministry of Education and Culture. SPI is required to make a semi-annual supervision report. Unud leadership is also highly committed to supporting SPI and emphasizes working in accordance with existing regulations.

Some of the things discussed in the discussion session included the preparation of financial reports, technical review of POK, strategy for solving problem assets which were often found by BPK, control system of revenue targets, role of SPI during internal turmoil, remuneration, monitoring instruments in the system, and follow-up on findings SPI.