The LAM Engineering Assessor Team Visits the Electrical Engineering Masters Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Unud for a Field Assessment

Denpasar - The Electrical Engineering Masters Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University was visited by the Assessment Team of the Independent Accreditation Institute for the Indonesian Engineers Association Engineering Study Program (LAM Teknik PII) for the purpose of conducting a field assessment of study program accreditation. The Assessor Team consisting of Eniman Y Syamsuddin and Ronny Mardianto was received by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs representing the Rector of Udayana University together with the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and related staff and invitations located in the Wiswakarma Hall FT Udayana University Sudirman Campus Denpasar, Tuesday (21/06/2022).

Vice Rector for student affairs Prof. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana said that this is the first accreditation from LAM Teknik, hopefully it will give the best results in the hope of getting the superior predicate considering that the S1 level has already won the superior predicate. Accreditation is usually done to test accountability even though there has been an internal quality audit and now an external party is taking pictures of the study program. If what is done is good, hopefully the portrait from the outside is also good. This becomes Quality Control so that graduates have the quality to compete. Preparations have been carried out as well as possible and there is an extraordinary desire to improve the quality of study programs in the implementation of the Tridharma, hopefully getting the best results according to mutual expectations.

Meanwhile, the Assessor Team conveyed that involvement and cooperation in providing information was very much needed in this activity. The process is still similar to the 9 criteria from BAN-PT. Assistance in document verification is very much needed, if something is missing, it must be completed and it will be determined later in the Accreditation Committee. In this activity, a deeper dig will be carried out where the concept is based on facts, not what was promised, so that cooperation is expected in providing the right information.