FPMHD Unud Holds Dharma Discourse Mahasisya Upanayana XIX "Dharma Guna Prayojana"

The Hindu Dharma Student Brotherhood Forum (FPMHD) Udayana University held Dharma Wacana Mahasisya Upanayana XIX with the theme "Dharma Guna Prayojana" which took place online through the Cisco Webex application with the main location point in the Nusantara Room, Agrocomplex Building, Sudirman Campus Denpasar, Sunday (20/2/2022).

Dharma Wacana was opened by the Rector of Udayana University by presenting the resource person Ida Pedanda Gede Sakti Telabah from the Griya Pesraman Telabah Kerobokan.

Chairman of the Committee I Made Diky Dharmawan said the number of registered participants for this activity was 1337 participants. Preparations have been made since January by involving a committee of 116 people. The Chairperson of the Committee hopes that participants can follow the activity well and understand the purpose and objectives of carrying out the activity.

Coordinator of FPMHD Udayana University Ida Bagus Angga Darmayuda explained that FPMHD is an organization with a Hindu spirit that houses Hindu students. This activity is part of the FPMHD work program and initial level regeneration. Mahasisya Upanayana became the initial series of new students before moving on to lectures. Through the implementation of this activity, he hopes that students are more familiar with FPMHD and can participate in every activity that will be carried out. Hopefully this activity can also stabilize Hindu culture and religion in Bali.

Advisor of FPMHD Udayana University I Gede Indra Suwija Putra, S.H. on the occasion said that this activity was an inauguration event, especially for new students when they started college. He hoped that the activity would run smoothly and the participants who attended could become quality students in advancing the nation. The advisor also appreciated the Rector of Udayana University who had been willing to provide direction in this activity and hoped that Dharma Wacana would be useful for all and be a provision in navigating life.

While the Rector of Udayana University Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara in his speech said that the existence of this forum needs to be empowered and eliminate the impression of formality and must develop not only at Udayana University but also externally. FPMHD is expected to be able to contribute to academic progress for the institution, one of which is through the MBKM program. FPMHD members must also exist in the implementation of this MBKM program. Besides that, it must also support the improvement of student achievement through participation in an UKM. Awards to universities are largely determined by the number of student achievements. FPMHD members must be able to develop themselves to become one of the outstanding student figures at Udayana University and equip themselves with soft skills and hard skills to become a leader. Through this opportunity, the Rector also informed several policies that have been taken, including the construction of student dormitories, 8 new Deans, lecture buildings, campus arrangement so that it becomes a comfortable place to attend education as well as the policy to enter Udayana University without a test for outstanding students at national and international levels.