Udayana University Receives Visit from Health Vocational School 1 Sukra Indramayu

Udayana University received a visit from Health Vocational School 1 Sukra, Indramayu Regency, West Java at the Jimbaran Campus Rectorate Building, Tuesday (08/02/2021). Given the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of PPKM, this visit was divided into two sessions with strict health protocols.

This visit aims to broaden the knowledge of SMK Kesehatan 1 Sukra students about Udayana University, particularly the Pharmacy and Nursing Study Program. The visit is expected to foster the interest of students to continue their education to the tertiary level, one of which is choosing Udayana University.

During this visit, students were given an explanation about Udayana University in general including the Vision and Mission of Udayana University, an introduction to the existence of 13 Faculties, new student admissions pathways, as well as other important information conveyed by the Cooperation and Public Relations Coordinator Hamidiah Yunus for the first session, and the second session. by Sub Coordinator of Academic and Evaluation I Made Budiastrawan.

Meanwhile, an additional explanation regarding the Pharmacy Study Program was delivered by the Coordinator of the Bachelor of Pharmacy Study Program, Dr. Eka Indra Setyawan, S.Farm., M.Sc., Apt. and an explanation of the Nursing Science Study Program delivered by the Coordinator of the S1 Nursing Study Program delivered by Dr. Ns. Ni Ketut Guru Prapti, S.Kep., MNS.