Three Assessors from LAM PT-Kes Visit Faculty of Medicine Udayana for Field Assessment Accreditation of Bachelor of Medicine and Doctoral Profession Study Programs

Denpasar - The PT-Kes LAM Assessor Team visited the Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University in the context of a field assessment of the accreditation of the Bachelor of Medicine and Doctoral Profession Study Program, Monday (17/1/2022). The opening ceremony of the assessment was held in the AA Made Djelantik Meeting Room, Faculty of Medicine Udayana University, Denpasar Campus, which was attended by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs representing the Rector of Udayana University, the Chair of the Institution, the Secretary of USDI, the Head of the UPT Library, the Head of the Udayana University Hospital and the Network Hospital, the Chair of the FK Senate, the Dean and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and all related units and ranks as well as other invitees.

The assessors who attended were dr. Mariatul Fadilah, MARS, Ph.D (Sriwijaya University), Dr. dr. Hendriati, Sp.M(K) (Andalas University), and Dr. dr. Ibrahim MSc., MPdked (Batam University).

Dean Faculty of Medicine Dr. Komang Januartha Putra Pinatih in his speech said that the assessment process was a gift at the beginning of the year and the first step for accreditation this year considering that of the 29 existing study programs, 15 of them took part in this year's accreditation. Accreditation must be followed, as an effort to ensure the process is carried out according to existing standards. We must be ready to face this accreditation process as the implementation of external quality assurance. Besides, so far there has been internal quality assurance. In addition to the internal system, the external one is also an important thing that must be done to ensure that what is done is in accordance with the standards, so as to produce graduates according to the set. So let's follow the process with passion and hopefully get the best results. The Dean hopes that the assessor team can take pictures from all angles so that if there are deficiencies, they can be recorded and provide input so that in the future it will be even better. On this occasion, the Dean also gave his appreciation to stakeholders, university leaders, network hospitals and users who have supported the educational process at Faculty of Medicine Udayana University. This assessment is expected to provide benefits for the progress of the institution and spur other study programs to prepare themselves.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Udayana University Prof. I Gede Rai Maya Temaja in her speech conveyed this field assessment for two study programs, both of which have twice won the A predicate based on seven standards and this time they want to get the Superior predicate based on the nine criteria that have been proposed. The Taskforce team has worked hard to prepare it and it really hopes to achieve a superior position because these two study programs are expected to be recognized for international accreditation. This has been discussed with LP3M to increase the number of study programs that are prepared for international accreditation which is very much needed by the university. Faculty of Medicine Udayana University has a high chance and it also expects the guidance of assessors to become superior study programs and if there are things that have not been included in the uploaded data, they will be given the opportunity to complete them. The Vice Rector hopes to achieve the best results in accordance with the efforts made, hopefully the quality culture that has been formed can provide a good portrait.

The representative of the Assessment Team, Mariatul Fadilah, Ph.D, on the occasion said that the adequacy assessment had been received and studied by the Team. The team's arrival was to take pictures from all sides and convey the results to LAM PT-Kes. This process is to support the improvement of the health system in Indonesia, considering that the number of doctors produced is not evenly distributed and their quality needs to be improved through accreditation. We want the quality that is produced not only as a doctor but also able to answer challenges. In the accreditation process, Study Programs must highlight their advantages and documentation is very important in quality assurance. In the assessment, which will last until January 19, 2022, the Team will visit partners and educational institutions to see infrastructure, human resources, governance systems and education implementation which will be the benchmarks for the next evaluation.