Udayana University Receives Student Visits from Certified Independent Study and Internship Program (MSIB) at the Export School

Udayana University welcomes student visits from the Certified Independent Study and Internship (MSIB) program at the Export School. The visit was received by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs at Unud together with the Chair of the MBKM Working Group and the Team, Wednesday (5/1/2022) at the Bangsa Room, Jimbaran Campus Rectorate Building. Handito Joewono with lecturers and administrators as well as the Deputy Chair of the MBKM Program, Nurhadi Irbath, as the manager of the MSIB Merdeka Campus of Diktiristek.

The Export School is an institution under the National Export School Foundation which is a partner of the MSIB Merdeka Learning Program, the Ministry of Education and Culture. In the odd semester 2021/2022, the Export School was trusted to carry out the SIB program into New Export 4.0 or abbreviated as "SIB Export" for 800 students from 223 universities and 18 of them were Udayana University students.

As part of the Export SIB study, around 40 students from various cities in this activity met with fellow students from Udayana University and campuses in Bali to exchange information and experiences.

Deputy Head of the MBKM Program Diktiristek Nurhadi Irbath conveyed that the MBKM program is in the spirit of students being able to study two semesters off campus, with the hope that after graduating from college they will be more prepared in terms of careers and entrepreneurship. It is hoped that after this visit and the support of partners, Unud students will no longer be confused about what to do after studying, because through this program they already know the real world of work and business.

The Head of the Export School, Handito Joewono, said that the Export School is a partner of MBKM, as the organizer of export training. There are around 800 students who take part in this program and 18 of them are from Unud. He hoped that Unud could also produce many exporters in Indonesia.

While the Vice Rector Prof. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana really appreciates this visit, which is expected to 'infect' Unud students apart from the 18 who have already participated. The Vice Rector also invited the 18 students to give testimonials so that in the next period more could join the same program, not only that but also other MBKM programs, to support the achievement of the University's IKU.

During this visit, two student innovation products were also presented, one of which was a product of Unud students.