Head of PMD Badung Gives General Debriefing for Unud KKN Students Period XXIV 2022

Head of the Badung Village Community Empowerment Service (DPMD) Komang Budhi Argawa, S.H., M.Sc. giving public lectures and briefings to 380 Udayana University students who will conduct Community Empowerment Learning Real Work Lectures (KKN-PPM) for the period XXIV 2022, which will take place virtually through the Webex Meeting, Wednesday (5/1/2022). The material presented was about "Building and Empowering Village Communities in Efforts to Accelerate the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's Desa)". This material is a direction that will lead to a process that refers to the SDGs in the development and structuring of rural communities.

Kadis invites students to help with programs and activities that become recommendations/references in the village that lead to 18 sustainable development goals. The SDG's consist of 18 villages, with an additional 1 goal of the global SDGs, namely dynamic village institutions and adaptive traditional villages. According to him, there are several village community empowerment programs that can be developed including village data collection, village planning, mapping of development potential and resources in villages, ICT development, tourism village development, strengthening food security, preventing stunting in villages, developing inclusive villages, and others.

Meanwhile, the Head of LPPM Unud Prof. Dr. drh. I Nyoman Suarsana, MSi. stated that students as the millennial generation are one of the references and assets of the nation who are expected to have a wider role in serving the community in the form of building villages/Thematic Community Service Programs, and empowering other communities, so as to be able to build community independence in a sustainable manner.

He said, in the general debriefing of the XXIV PPM KKN in 2022, there were several special materials including the Philosophy of the PPM KKN, Work and Reporting Programs and Ethics in Society. The KKN debriefing activity is planned to be held in 2 (two) days, Wednesday-Thursday, January 5-6, 2022.

"We are very grateful to the Head of the PMD Service who is willing to provide material for this KKN debriefing. We hope that this will be a guideline for students when doing KKN,” said Prof. I Nyoman Suarsana.