Faculty of Engineering Unud Implement PHP2D in Tiynggading Village

The Holistic Program Group for Village Development and Empowerment (PHP2D) of the Student Senate of the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University carried out service by raising the title Simantri-Based Cattle Manure Treatment Application. This service targets the Manik Amertha Livestock Farmers Group (KTT), Banjar Antagana Kelod, Tiyinggading Village, West Selemadeg, Tabanan (17/10).

IGN Wika Gunawan as the head of the student group said that the Manik Amertha Summit was chosen as the location for the trial because it met the number requirements, although it was still not optimal in processing fertilizers and human resources. This program is organized into eight meetings held online and offline.

This program focuses on processing solid organic fertilizers and product packaging using screen printing and sewing techniques. As an effort to increase production, PHP2D Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University donated a 2in1 chopper which is a combination of an Avo engine and a chopper machine and taught the members of the Summit how to properly maintain the machine. In addition, this program cooperates with PT. Setia Tani Tabanan and several porang cooperatives in Bali to market organic fertilizer produced by the Manik Amertha Summit.

"We don't forget to also fight for how this organic certification can continue and fight for distribution permits so that this fertilizer can later be sold throughout Indonesia," added Wika.

This service was enthusiastically welcomed by members of the Manik Amertha Summit. Wayan Suarnata, the representative of the Manik Amertha Summit, thanked the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University for providing guidance from production to marketing as well as assistance tools in the form of chopping machines and temperature measuring devices. Another member, Nyoman Upadana, said the same thing, who was grateful for the support given so that the Manik Amertha Summit would still exist and be victorious.

“We also express our gratitude to the students who have helped our group to market our organic fertilizer to PT. Setia Tani Tabanan and has provided assistance to us in the form of chopping machines and temperature measuring devices," said Wayan Suarnata.

Since 2014, Simantri at the Manik Amertha Summit has been active in producing organic fertilizers to date and has succeeded in obtaining organic certification from Inofice. As a representative of the government, PPL Assistant for the Summit, Manik Amertha Gede Yudi Antara, was very grateful for the presence of this program because farmer groups received support, both in terms of science and facilities to support fertilizer production.

In order to support the marketing of the organic fertilizers produced, this program cooperates with PT. Setia Tani for product purchases. Director of PT. Setia Tani, drh. I Dewa Made Kuca Kucala said that cooperation with porang farmer groups around Banjar Antagana is expected to help product marketing. His party also appreciated the implementation of PHP2D from the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University which had brought together entrepreneurs, livestock farmer groups, and academics.

"Hopefully, with this collaboration, we can handle it according to the expectations of farmers, especially in marketing. Thank you to colleagues from Udayana University who have synergized this program with us between entrepreneurs, livestock farmer groups, academics in the Udayana University PHP2D program," he said.

The process of implementing PHP2D by the Udayana University Faculty of Engineering Student Group was accompanied by a supervisor, Dr. eng. I Made Sucipta, S.T., M.T. starting from the proposal design guidance to passing the funding and assistance to the Manik Amertha Summit in the processing of solid organic fertilizers. Through PHP2D it is hoped that there will be an increase in the number of production and marketing of products.

"We hope that there will be sustainability so that the resulting production can be increased and can be marketed by partners who will help with this PHP2D program," he added.