Udayana University with NIPPON ACADEMY Held an Online Meeting

Udayana University held a meeting with NIPPON ACADEMY online through the Zoom Meeting application, Wednesday (13/10/2021). Present at this meeting were the Deputy Chancellor for Cooperation and Information Planning, the Director of Indonesia TCI Unud, the Head of the Language Unit, and the Director of NIPPON ACADEMY and their ranks.

This meeting discussed the follow-up to the MoU that was signed between Udayana University and NIPPON ACADEMY Group on June 23, 2021. NIPPON ACADEMY plans to cooperate with Udayana University regarding Japanese language learning by building a Japanese Language Classroom System called MUIDE (Multi Dimensional Education System).

On this occasion the Director of NIPPON ACADEMY Masumi Shimizu also presented about MUDIE and its implementation if it is implemented. NIPPON ACADEMY will provide all the facilities needed to implement MUDIE at Udayana University.

Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation, and Information Prof. Dr. dr. I Putu Gede Adiatmika, M.Kes on this occasion welcomed the NIPPON ACADEMY plan to open a Japanese Language Classroom System called MUDIE at Udayana University. The Vice Rector is very interested in this MUIDE (Multi Dimensional Education System) and hopes that the previously signed MoU will continue to become an MoA so that he can build this Japanese Language Classroom System at Udayana University.