Pujawali Pura Widya Maha Amrta Udayana Sudirman University Campus Denpasar

Pujawali Pura Widya Maha Amrta Sudirman Campus Denpasar coincided with Rahina Purnama Sasih Kapat, Tuesday (21/9/2021). The prayer was only attended by the Chancellor, Chair of the Senate, Vice Chancellors, Head of Institutions, Head of Bureau, Dean of Faculties, Postgraduates, Chair of USDI, Director of Unud Hospital, Dharma Wanita Persatuan Unud and Suka Duka Dharma Kanti Unud while still implementing health protocols.

Rector of Unud Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara on this occasion also had the opportunity to review the arrangement of the area in front of the temple and discuss with Suka Duka Dharma Kanti regarding the implementation of the yadnya ceremony in the Unud environment.

This prayer is also at the same time asking for safety and expressing gratitude to 'Ida Sesuhunan Sane Malinggih Ring Pura Widya Maha Amrta' for the smooth running of various activities that have been carried out, one of which is the inauguration of officials within the Unud environment.