The Dean of the Unud Medical Faculty Review the Implementation of Mass Vaccination Activities

The Dean of FK Unud Prof. Dr. dr. I Ketut Suyasa, Sp.B., Sp.OT (K) reviewed the implementation of the mass vaccination activity organized by INTI Bali at Hong Kong Garden, Sunday (01/08/2021).

A total of 100 joint personnel from the Menwa Ugraçena Corps, PSSKPN FK Udayana University, TBM Janar Dūta FK Udayana University, TBM Baswara Prada FK Warmadewa University along with other volunteers helped the Hospital and Community Health Center Team in the successful implementation of the INTI Bali mass implementation, both in terms of examinations tension and non-medical such as recording and observing AEFI. This mass vaccination activity will be held on August 1, 7, 8 and 21, 2021.