Last Session of Udayana University's Independent Online UTBK Implementation in 2021

Today is the last session of the UTBK Online selection of new student admissions for the Udayana University Independent Pathway in 2021, Saturday (24/7/2021).

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Unud Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara reviewed the implementation of examination supervision located at the Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and the Faculty of Marine and Fisheries. Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Executive Committee, Prof. I Ketut Suyasa reviewed the implementation of examination supervision located at the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Economics and Business, and the Faculty of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

On this occasion the Vice Rector and Chair of the Committee received reports from each supervisor related to the implementation of the UTBK which had been going on for three from 22-24 July 2021.

The Independent Online UTBK is divided into five sessions, namely four sessions for Science and Technology and Soshum and one Mixed session. The total number of participants registered to take part in the Independent Pathway UTBK is 4,632 people, while the number of participants taking the online exam is 3,560 or around 76.77 percent. In general, the implementation of the Mandiri UTBK route has been running smoothly, but there are still obstacles that occur in the implementation of the Online UTBK, namely the participants pay less attention to the guidelines and the level of connection stability from the participants' locations. The announcement of graduation is planned to be carried out on July 28, 2021.