Unud Holds a Technical Explanation on Supervision and Implementation of the Tasks of the Independent Line 2021 UTBK Online Committee

Today, Monday (19/7/2021) a Technical Explanation of Supervision and Implementation of Committee Duties is held in the context of the Independent Online Computer-Based Writing Examination (UTBK) 2021 which will take place online through the webex meeting application.

The Technical Explanation was attended by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, the Deans and Deputy Deans, the Postgraduate Director along with the Deputy Director, Supervisors and the Executive Committee.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara in his direction expressed his appreciation to the participants who had attended this technical explanation. Initially the UTBK was designed for participants to come directly to campus, but because PPKM was not allowed to go to campus and to respond to it, a UTBK policy was taken that did not bring students to campus so that it took place fully online. USDI was specifically assigned to design this system, so that the Online UTBK can be implemented. In the implementation of UTBK Online, special attention must be paid to technical supervision. The supervisors will carry out the duties of the supervisory centers on campus. The exam will take place on 22-24 July 2021.