BAN-PT Conducts Field Assessment of Professional Accountant Education Study Program FEB Unud

Field Assessment of the Accounting Professional Education Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Udayana University by the BAN-PT Assessor Team took place online via the Zoom application, Monday (7/6/2021). The opening of the assessment was attended by the Rector of Udayana University, Vice Rectors, Institutional Leaders, USDI Representatives, Head of UPT Library, Dean of FEB and Board of Directors, Faculty Senate, Coordi- nary Study Programs, Professors, Taskforce Teams, Alumni, Lecturers and Students. Meanwhile, the Assessor Team that was present, namely Prof. Dr. Sutrisno T.,SE.,M.Si.,Ak and Dr. Etna Nur Afri Yuyetta, SE, M.Si, Akt.

Rector of Unud Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi in his remarks welcomed the Assessor Team who carried out the virtual assessment. This assessment is an activity that has been awaited and was delayed due to the Covid pandemic. The Chancellor appreciated the presence of assessors to conduct field assessments. The Chancellor hopes that the entire series of assessments can run well and smoothly and provide the best results for Study Programs. On this occasion, the Chancellor also gave his appreciation to the Dean and staff who had prepared this activity.

Assessor Coordinator Prof. Sutrisno in his direction said that this field assessment was aimed at verifying what had been prepared in the form and had been submitted to BAN-PT. Previously in January an adequacy assessment was carried out and due to the pandemic period the field assessment was carried out online. On this occasion the Assessor Coordinator conveyed the agenda for the assessment activities and the time agreement. When it is confirmed, it is necessary to prepare supporting data evidence.

While Assessor Dr. Etna Nur Afri Yuyetta added that in principle the online assessment is the same as the offline one and it still uses seven criteria. The mechanism is also the same and carried out per criteria, there will be interviews with the heads of the Faculty and Coordi- nants, confirmation of data with the Form Team and it is hoped that before the minutes are approved, they will be corrected in detail and cooperation from all parties involved is expected.