BKM Holds Indonesian and English Language Debate Contest at Udayana University Level 2021

The Student Affairs Bureau of Udayana University held an online competition for Indonesian and English Language debates at the Udayana University level in 2021 through the Cisco Webex application, Saturday (08/05/2021).

Head of the Student Affairs Bureau of Udayana University I Dewa Gede Oka, SE in his remarks expressed his appreciation to all parties involved in the process of implementing this competition, especially to students, where in 2021 the number of participants is greater than 2020. Of course this is the case. which is very proud of Udayana University, where in 2020 the achievements of the English debate of Udayana University students at the National level made a very proud achievement, namely as the 2nd winner at the national level.

This year, of course, in this case, the Chancellor of Udayana University and his staff in the field of student affairs really hope that the implementation of this activity can bring Udayana University students to the regional level and win again at the national level. Udayana University will always support the achievements of students, especially in the debates of Indonesian and English, and will continue to be encouraged so that each Udayana University follows competencies to make achievements in an effort to improve the reputation of the institution and the quality of Udayana University graduates.

The Indonesian and English debate competition activities were held for two days, namely on May 8, 2021, the implementation of the Indonesian language debate and May 9, 2021, the implementation of the English debate.