The Last Session of The Second Batch of 2021 SBMPTN UTBK Implementation at Udayana University

UTBK SBMPTN In 2021 the second wave at Udayana University has ended. Session 27 which was the last session went well, Sunday (2/5/2021). Information on attendance at Session 27 with 329 participants, 283 attendees and 46 absent participants.

In the UTBK SBMPTN Year 2021, the total number of participants registered at Udayana University was 8,050 people, the number of participants attending was 7,462 people and those who did not attend were 588 people. The implementation of UTBK at Udayana University is divided into two waves, namely the first wave 16-18 April and the second wave 26 April-2 May 2021 with test locations spread across the Denpasar and Jimbaran campuses.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee Prof. I Ketut Suyasa in the last session reviewed the exam locations at the Jimbaran Campus, namely the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Pharmacy, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Engineering and FEB. In general, the monitoring in the field of implementation of the 2021 SBMPTN UTBK at Udayana University went smoothly.

The process of admitting new students in 2021 at Udayana University is through three routes, namely SNMPTN, SBMPTN and the Mandiri route. The announcement of the SBMPTN results is planned for June 14, 2021, while the announcement of the Mandiri route can be seen on the university website where registration opens on May 12, 2021.